There are possibly some words, acronyms and phrases not commonly used in daily life so we will run through some words and definitions to help you get more comfortable with using the Worksheet/Guide later on.

Space: work space, it can be virtual or physical, a place where a group gathers, community group.

BIPOC: Black and Indigenous People Of Colour

Pronouns: How you view yourself as a person, he/him, she/her, they/them,


Unconscious bias: the quick judgements and assessments we have of others which are influenced by our social backgrounds and upbringing, our cultural environment and personal experiences that coalesce into feelings and attitudes towards others based on race, ethnicity, age, accent and appearance.


These words make up the crux of the workshop so its important we look at them with a little more depth. But before we fill in
the gaps lets look at our own ideas of what these words mean…continue to the next section.