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Minimum Viable Academy

Minimum Viable Academy

Creating with care and compassion open, inclusive, safe and vulnerable learning spaces for facilitators to develop diverse skills and tools.

Why is there a need for Minimum Viable Academy?

We are responding to the needs of a collaborative culture in providing opportunities for experiential and integrated learning in a lean and agile way.

What objectives do we aim for at MVA?

To create open, inclusive, safe and vulnerable learning spaces for facilitators with care and compassion to develop diverse skills and tools so we can evolve into a global community of practice.

How will we deliver those objectives?

By designing and facilitating conscious adaptive experiments to develop competence around group process facilitation of playful, fun experiences.

Who will be our collaborators, who is our audience?

Our audience and collaborators are group process facilitators that want to develop their skills.

Active & Responsible Participation in Open Governance

A 90 minute exploration into Active & Responsible Participation in Open Governance. Join this workshop to Understand and foster community engagement to ensure inclusive decision making that benefits all members of the community.



If you are a member of the Internatonal Permaculutre CoLab you are entitled to a free seat please go get your coupon code in the #minimum-viable-academy slack channel.

Conflict Transformation

A 90 minute session. Fully hands on workshop using a variety of tools, techniques and shared learning.

Includes 4 exercises and a downloadable pack of resources outlining material covered during the session and additional resources.

Community Building Practice Labs

60 minute sessions for your community to come together and practice different skills.

These sessions are perfect for teams who want to build their relationsheps whether they are till forming and or established and want to adopt healthy way of working together in community.

Cross network effective collaboration

A 90 minute exploration into creating and maintaining the ideal conditions for cross network collaborations to thrive. This session dips into the parallels between networks who share work and interest domains and bio-mimicry, working with nature.


Personal Transformation Design Workshop

A 2 hour workshop for individuals who are interested in designing their own life using tools designed for creative reflection and the convergence of interests, skills and motivation.

This session is specifically designed for individuals who are curious and motivated to invest their time and energy into a right livelihood design.

Ethically Conscious Business Practices

A 2 hour exploration session into business practices for the ethically minded entrepreneurs. This session includes a deep insight into permaculture ethics and principles and activities to help the group / individual reflect upon their own ethical practices and how these can integrate into their business.

Creating & Maintaining a Sociocratic EcoSystem

A 90 minute exploration into sociocratic principles, practices and tools  used in the creating and maintenance of a sociocratic ecosystem.

This session serves as a foundation for a  more in-depth second offering including a collection of tools and practices to design, co-create and maintain your sociocratic ecosystem.

Successful remote collaborations

A 90 minute panel discussion which you can access in your own time and includes templates, resources and links to articles as well as key takeaways from the session.

You can book a consultation with us if you would like us to facilitate a tailor made session for your community / organisation.

Active & Responsible Participation in Open Governance

A 90 minute session packed full of exercises for participants to try their hand at different ways for active and responsible participation. The session also includes time for a discussion about the definition of open governance and the different degrees of participation possible.

Creating & Communicating Value as Freelancers

A 90 minute session tailor made for freelancers who are interested in discussing with other freelance professionals how to create value and how this is communicated to clients. We will also explore different tools to help freelancers establish their rates and how different factors affect this calculation.

What others say about us!

“Beautifully facilitated, excellent exercises, top quality materials. Thank you for offering this to us Aimee. I hope all the folks in the new governance structure and elsewhere in Deep Adaptation, come to these.” Wendy Freeman

Meet the MVA Team

Jyotsna Maan

Jyo facilitates transformational journeys with collaborative leaders in evolutionary transition spaces to ease into inclusive cultures and in communities.

Get to know Jyo better.

Aimee Fenech

Aimee is a permaculture designer, student and teacher. She is also an experienced group process facilitator and regenerative farmer.

Get to know Aimee better or request a meeting with her here

Interested in our work or want an offering customized for your community or organisation? Contact us.

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