We are now going to look at how we design physical and virtual spaces that honours everything we’ve just mentioned.

The conscious design methodology and designing an inclusive space isn’t limited to architecture, but it is so much more than this. It is looking at the needs of the users and goes through a guided process that upholds the very best in diversity thinking.

Work through Part 1, ask participants to think of a project, self guide yourself through this part, or do it as a group with others?

We are mostly looking at how to design an inclusive work space and so below describes how we would follow this process with a group of individuals within a given work place working through the guide, but feel free to adapt to work for you, as an individual, pair or smaller group.

If working as an individual on this process then be aware you will bring your unconscious bias with you, the whole idea is to include everyone from your space so it’s best to include all necessary groups in the decision making process by having key members of your work place actively working through this guide.

How you choose or arrange this is your decision.

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