CoLab Podcast

The CoLab Podcast is interviewing people from around the world who are involved in interesting grassroots permaculture projects. The podcast is funded through the Emergent Festival, which is a project funded by the International Permaculture CoLab that offers small grants to CoLab microenterprises. If you are interested in a future interview or would like to ask us something, you can contact us here.

Episode 1 – Aline VaMo 

Aline lives in Spain where there can be problems with drought, in an area where water gets contaminated or doesn’t get reused. She focuses on water solutions involving rainwater catchments, reusing wastewater, purifying water with plants, natural pools, and vermicomposting bins.

Episode 2 – Aimee Fenech 

 Aimee is the owner and steward of Finca Verde, a 4-hectare farm in southern Spain. She is transforming the farm from a conventional farm, using pesticides, insecticides, and soil tilling, into a regenerative agricultural farm, using permaculture solutions. 

Episode 3 – Daniel and Cândida 

Daniel and Cândida live on an organic farm in the Algarve. Their main project is called Climate Design, whose purpose is to mosaic landscapes across continents with biodiverse forests and agroforests, to influence and interact with climate on both regional and continental scales.

Episode 4 – Cathrine Dolleris

Cathrine is the co-founder of the Nordic Permaculture Academy. Its primary purpose is to provide facilitation, mentoring, and networking services to apprentices pursuing a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design.

Episode 5 – Rakesh “Rootsman” Rak

Rakesh runs courses and workshops and has created Roots n Permaculture as a community of students who can support each other after their permaculture studies. He is involved in trying to decolonize permaculture.

Episode 6 – Clement Mathorwmasen

Clement set up a college for young people who were left behind by the education system. Dream Village has built an eco-village using sustainable materials where they grow local crops using agroforestry. They also train small-holding farmers in permaculture practices.

Episode 7 – Andriy Grushestsky

In 2019 Andriy co-founded Tepla Gora, an eco-community and retreat centre in the mountains in the west of Ukraine. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Tepla Gora has been providing shelter for refugees. 

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