What we think the word means and what it actually is are very different things. But within a work place we most likely think it’s about, for example, by increasing diversity, by having black or gay people in our work force. But within these intersectionalities, what it really means is groups who are less dominant without historic dominance. Even as a white middle class person there is generational trauma, for example from family shame, The World Wars, death, murder, class, anything that makes a person feel less than, and if a person feels less than and doesn’t address it then that trauma can be spat out
in all sorts of ways and places, down the line to friends and family and their community, and its damaging.

Diversity means actively including and involving people that sit within these groups that have suffered that are less dominant or non dominant or with less privilege with a particular culture.

Being proactive in actively involve and include and design spaces for people from various racial ethnic socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds and different lifestyles, experiences and interests.

Diversity is a group of people who are different from each other in the same place.

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