This is another possible place to pause and take some time to let some good gut life help to breakdown your reactions to the video into smaller parts.

(The numbered links will bring you to the topic space for sharing your answers)

Question 1: Was anything in the video confusing? What did you think about the words and definitions used? How did you respond to any confusion? Have you ever thought about who gets to define meanings?

Question 2: Did anything in the video move you our of your comfort zone? When and where and how did you notice this was happening? Were these familiar or unfamiliar signals? If you were uncomfortable how did you work with that?  

Question 3: Were there things in the video you found yourself wanting to dismiss or moving to defend yourself from?

Question 4: Did you stop watching the video before the end either for a break or just to no longer continue watching? What do you think/feel about that now?

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