Time to share the brine (or the marinade) of thoughts and feelings that you were immersed in.  

Now that you have navigated and experienced some of the stories from one of the 4 selected countries, and marinated in thinking about who is telling what story to whom, we invite you to illustrate some of the various social dynamics present in these pluriversal communities. 

Yes, we ask you to create an illustration, a collage or even a stick figure drawing to represent social patterns that you observed during Marinating in Complexity. 

Try to observe and illustrate from various perspectives, and try to illustrate the power dynamics present around these stories and sharings. Here is also an opportunity for you to engage in your learning experience and not take for granted these stories shared by the people who designed this course, look for more references about the stories of these countries and culture and see what you find out. 

Make a collage, a drawing, an illustration that symbolizes and embodies these dynamics that go beyond words – make these social dynamics and interactions visible for you and for others.

Once the illustration or illustrations are made, you might share them in the Topic Complex Marinations for others to see your recipe.

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