A place to put some of your thoughts, feelings, creative responses to our grand context as ingredients in your own pickles by answering the following questions: 

(The numbered links will bring you to the topic space for sharing your answers)

  • Question 1: What emerged in you as you were watching the previous video Our Grand Context by Samantha Suppiah? Any thoughts or feelings? Can you name them? Can you describe them?
  • Question 2: How would you represent them? Could you make an illustration, collage, or find an image that represents your feelings and/or thoughts? 
  • Question 3: In this space of observation, after watching the video, can you perceive feelings that are present with you but you don’t know how to name them yet?
  • Question 4: Within these observations, can you identify elements that bring you comfort? Can you identify elements that bring you discomfort? Try to represent them, and try to observe and share how they could potentially relate to one another or not.
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