The Permaculture CoLab is a network of individuals, organizations and guilds who share and are continually developing online hubs for the permaculture movement. We catalyze collaboration in the international permaculture community and beyond.


A healthy, peaceful and socially just world in which we care for the earth, each other and future generations, in harmony with nature.


To work together to enhance the coherence and effectiveness of local to global permaculture networks both formal and informal.


  • To provide a collaborative, convivial virtual space and multilingual communication platforms for permaculture networks and allies around the world.
  • To provide information about the current state and extent of permaculture thinking and practice and its strategic context through resources (documentation of training and learning resources, information, tools, platforms, etc.) that nurture existing local, regional, and global permaculture initiatives.
  • To provide means of support for new eco-social enterprises, projects and initiatives that address identified challenges and/or add value to permaculture networks. 
  • To identify and/or vet allied networks to collaborate with to enhance our collective work.
  • To research, explore, recommend and implement organisational structures and processes suited to complex multi-layered, oppression-free, diverse, and inclusive interactions.
  • To produce widespread understanding of the Permaculture CoLab and its products and services.
  • To produce documentation for the process of CoLab development, to actively learn and unlearn organisational development processes suited to complex multi-layered networks that support people working effectively together.
  • Research, design, and develop tools and processes for adding fun, creativity and diversity to CoLab activities and recommended processes. 
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