As you watch the next round, we encourage you to observe and if you like to note down any themes that arise in the sharings and also the qualities and values that the group express which were important for doing this work together. 

Use this Sharing Space (in Topics) to share what makes you uncomfortable when looking at power dynamics & patterns?

Now that you completed the witnessing dialogue – opening sessions the next suggested step is: 

Go to Reflective space 1- ‘Inquisitive Space‘ and answer the question there.

Remember, we encourage you to make it your own! So go back and forward, sideways as many times you feel is needed. Throughout this journey, we use fermentation as a metaphor for social dynamics, so take your time to pickle your thoughts, taste their complex flavours, and plate them in many ways.

In this spiral, we offer spaces for reflection, exercises, resources, and questions for you around the patterns of power dynamics, and invite you to play with permaculture design tools and processes to understand social-ecosystem dynamics in their complexity.

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