You may have watched the Witnessing Dialogue and shared some of your reactions in Topics. You can take a break or continue in this early sense-making space. 

You choose – this is your journey and the pace is set by you or what was agreed upon in your group.

In any case, the offer now is a place to not rush in but to take your time to witness yourself/yourselves to observe, feel, think, move, & capture these through images, words, and drawings. We invite you to look at your own experiences and observe the many layers and processes that may emerge within you, participating in the dialogue with us.

Find your own way to create representations of (illustrations or collages etc) of patterns that you can identify so far when answering the following questions: 

(the numbered links will bring you to the topic space for sharing your answers)

  • Question 1: What does this course content/journey evoke in you so far? How do you relate to it? 
  • Question 2: There are different ways to look for patterns when taking time for reflecting. Do you know of any you might use to explore thoughts, behaviours, and feelings in this journey? Can you use any of these to identify any patterns so far?
  • Question 3: If you can identify some patterns, what do these patterns look like? How do they interact with each other at different scales from an individual, group, family, village, region, etc?
  • Question 4: If you can’t identify ways to use and look at patterns in your answer, how does it make you feel? Could you share any of your feelings on this first go at a reflective space?
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